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Below we have a list of available pool products


Sac Pool Construction uses only the best and most advanced products in building custom swimming pools Some products are standard, while others, such as iaqualink, represent the latest innovations in swimming pool construction. Your design consultant will work with you to determine which products are essential for your project.

Below are sample products from some of the primary pool product categories. Additional product options may be available in our design center location


For those seeking a one-of-a-kind pool surface design, Pebble Tec  brightens your pool with a noticeable glow. With Pebble Tec, the sunshine and moonbeams reflect beautifully against your pool bottom.

Offered in four styles and 14 total options, Pebble Radiance is a patented formula of blended glass formed with a pebble finish to enhance a pool with supreme color reflection. In Arizona, it is exclusively available at Presidential Pools, Spas & Patio.


The pool control panel is physically located somewhere, but you no longer have to manually change it to control things like temperature, jets, lights, water features and more. IAQUALINK allows you to control your pool and/or spa wirelessly with your Apple or Android device, or computer.

The system includes many advanced features. The Eco Select setting allows you to conserve energy and water, making your pool more energy efficiency, while the History page tracks your past settings and usages so you can easily see if things have gotten off-course.

IAQUALINK provides the ultimate in convenience and data to keep your pool operating safely and efficiently.


LED lights are an optional upgrade in any pool or spa. They are more energy efficient, and come in a wide array of colors (16 unique colors and 5 light shows) and styles.


Every pool and spa requires a pump. Jandy pool and water pumps are the result of more than 40 years of engineering excellence and experience. Each pump provides energy efficient, quiet operation, and a long useful life. Unlike some traditional variable speed pumps that thread down to a 2" nipple for connection Jandy uses unions which makes pump a lot more accessible if a problem is to occur also the Jandy 2hp pump moves more water then a 3hp of any other brand! 


A pool water heater will enable you to get the maximum value out of your pool investment by allowing you to enjoy the most comfortable water temperatures possible. A heater allows you to start your swimming season earlier and extend it later into the year and can lengthen your swimming day. Finally, a heater is considered a good investment, increasing the value and cost efficiency of your pool year after year.

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