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Pool cunstruction and repairs for the every day homeowner

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Sac Pools is a custom swimming pool builder serving greater Sacramento. We have been building swimming pools for over 25 years, we are family owned and operated with over 600 pools built locally Sac Pools strives to build not the most pools but the best pools! we specialize in custom pools with grottos, swim up bars, water features and much more! Give us a call today for a free design consultation.

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About The Owners

sac pool family

David Randolph has been in the pool industry for 5 years, starting with cleaning pools and pool repairs. That soon was not enough and he had to learn more. So he started showing up to construction sites for new pool builds, watching and taking it all in, eventually jumping on the equipment, operating them and digging pools. Before long he had a passion to build his own pools. David then worked for the last 2 years to achieve getting his C-53 contractors license so that we can bring your back yard dreams to a reality.

Sac Pool inlaws

Chris Silva has built over 300 pools locally in the greater Sacramento area. He is known for his formally owned pool construction company Antonio's Pool & Spa founded in 1995. Chris has a daughter Jessica who in 2011 married David Randolph. Chris quickly took David under his wing and taught him the ins and outs of the pool industry. In 2013, together they formed Sac Pool Construction, making this a family business.

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Pool Construction in the Sacramento area
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