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Here is a basic outline of our Owner Builder Swimming Pool Construction Process

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Owner Builder Swimming Pool Construction Process
Owner Building a Swimming Pool is a very simple process, with advance preparation, accurate plans, exact pricing and knowledge of the construction process and phases, you are ready.  Sac Pool can easily help with this.
  1. Design – Accurate with your ideas and want is a pool design.
  2. Permit Ready – With all requirements included with engineering schedule. A service to submit to your county building department and get approved.
  3. Pricing of Project – With confirmed prices in a package.
 The most detailed parts of the owner builder process is excavation through rebar steel  (Pre-Gunite Ready)
***Note: This is where things most commonly go wrong for the owner builder.
  1. Inaccurate Plans.
  2. Excavation Error (leading to more gunite cost)
  3. Leaving too much soil
  4. Property Access and Property Damage
  5. Plumbing for Proper Flow of Pool Operation
  6. Electrical Runs –Too small for wire demands
 (All Subcontractor's pointing fingers at each other) Trouble has started.
It All Starts with Accurate Plans
We have an excavation thru pre-gunite crew, with all the equipment such as Dump Truck,Excavation Track Loader, Plumbing, Steel and Equipment installation Truck.  It is what we do!

Right on Time and Exact Pricing
Step 2 – Gunite – The Fun day of the Project – It all comes together visually today.  No Hidden Cost
Order tile now.
What about Sheer Decents?
Get Waterfall Rock Ready
The Gunite crew is a skilled and talented group.  Exacting Caribbean Shelf, Steps, Spa Bench and Levels.
Step 3 - Tile – Need tile on site.   Brown coat – Float beam and Apply.Easy with the right crew.
(NOTE: A home Interior Tile Setter cannot do justice to pool tile)
Back filling of trenches – Make this the responsibility of the Deck Crew.  Others will not compact the soil.
(Ready with Color and Texture)
Step 4 – Plaster Prep – Attention to detail of the project. Finalize Equipment – Install and Pull Light Fixtures. Ready for Pre-Plaster Inspection
Step 5 – Plaster – The start filling with water – Add Start-up Chems
Step 6 – SWIM
PS. Always call soon for Pool Final!

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